Mercure Zwolle 

Project Details


The existing red roof and slate covering wall really was at the end of its life cycle. We had to replacement this finding a material which was able to improve the esthetic charisma of the building. The new material had to be sustainable, low maintenance, have a long life term, look nice and fit into the budget. In addition the outside asbestos had to be removed and the outside paintwork had to be done.

 This project was executed from the position of employee within the Accor Netherlands team.

The Project

With a lot of creative solutions we found the materials that would fit: Kalzip material built by Felspartners. Together with the local authorities we spent a lot of effort  to get the correct building permission. The replacing of the asbestos, the new paintwork of the window frames, the replacement of the flat ceiling as well as the roof replacement was done in one construction phase with only one time scaffolding by zone.


  • Client

    Accor Hotels





    Mercure Zwolle



    Improving the esthetic charisma of the building by replacing the roof and façade slate covering



    Construction team



    Felspartners metal roof solutions



    Zwollle, The Netherlands



    April 2010 –  July 2010



    Project done during employment at Accor Hotels The Netherlands