Syngenta Seeds Enkhuizen 

Project Details

Syngenta Seeds is investing in a new Technolygy Centre, in Enkhuizen, part of regional Seed Valley. The investment of 21million euros is for new R&D facilities, the most modern technologies, with the goal to be marked leader in vegetable seeds. The Technology Centre is part of a overal long term masterplan for vegetable seeds.

Syngenta contracted C&R Hospitality Services because of their knowledge of the company Syngenta and their skills in Site Management. Together with a team of concultants and 9 contractors the surface of around 5000m2 will be build in les than 12 months. Close coordination in planning and construction/MEP details is needed to make sure all parties will perform to reach their goals


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  • Client
    Syngenta Seeds BV




    Safety Management: KWA Bedrijfsadviseurs
    Kassen/scherming/verwarming: Gakon
    Water/elektra/automatisering: Patron Agri Systems
    Betonwerk: Verkade beton
    Klimaatkamers: Nijssen
    Civiel werk: J. Koper & Zn. BV
    Interieur: Toekomst Groep
    Ketenpark: Wagenbouw


    Enkhuizen, Netherlands


    January 2017 – December 2017