Planken Wambuis Ede 

Project Details

Restaurant Planken Wambuis is a high quality restaurant situated in a peaceful nature park. The owner requested a full renovation of his restaurant, therefore the designers of the De Horeca Fabriek were hired. They designed a complete new, rough and industrial interior, but still attractively and suitable in the natural environment.

CRHS was hired for the management of this project. Our biggest goal was to keep the construction phase as short as possible! Therefore a lot of effort was put in the preparation phase which resulted in a 3,5 week renovation with only 3 complete closing days.

Our tasks:

  • Advisement towards the best possible lay-out
  • Budget forecast and control
  • Tender all contractors
  • Organize construction meetings
  • Quality management
  • Risk control
  • Delivery and opening on the agreed opening date

Nomination and Awards:

Nomination for Best Restaurant Restyle, Entrée Hospitality Awards 2015.

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    Ede, Netherlands