Our mission and vision

Working in an environment where the core business runs 24 hours a day and 7 days a week requires special qualities from the people managing these construction sites. Add to this the many stakeholders involved, difficult logistics, different (company) cultures and safety sensitivity and you have the perfect surroundings of where the specialists of C&R Hospitality Services find their mission. 

In our vision Project Management is not just managing the project; it is also understanding the Operational needs and sensitivities of the project and knowing how to deal with it. 

We all have lived our working environment by living in hotels for long periods, seeing many different hotels, resorts and airport terminals as well as their complex operational processes and logistic needs. Good communication is key to the success of projects in 24/7 operational conditions. Not only within the project team but especially with the Operational teams. 

 C&R Hospitality Services is a profound believer in Certifying Project Managers following the IPMA Competence Baseline of Project Management.