Programmed Maintenance and CAPEX planning

Programmed Maintenance and CAPEX planning are essential for keeping your property and it’s fit-out in the right quality and fulfilling your guest and travellers expectations.  

CAPEX & Maintenance planning starts with a good multiple year plan, by setting up the inventory and costs for each item an expectation for the upcoming years appears. At this point the strategy regarding brands, costs, risks and planning starts. C&R Hospitality Services has the experience and knowledge to support you with these services.

C&R Hospitality Services is able to support your organization with the following services:

  • Setting up of a Multiple Year Plan
  • Inspections to keep your Multiple Year plan up-to-date
  • Strategically advise
  • Arrange (building) permits
  • Manage the maintenance budget
  • Control of budget, quality and planning
  • Arrange the hand over of the revision documents after a project