MaMa Kelly Amsterdam

On this famous position in the Olympic Stadion in Amsterdam the owners of MaMa Kelly decided to start a new fully Pink Horeca experience. The successful chicken & lobster concept has already proven its hospitality and good dishes in The Caballero factory in The Hague and continues its signature in the capital. Actually from the beginning the restaurant received overwhelming reactions and was immediately embraced within Amsterdam. CRHS did already the project management of MaMa Kelly The Haque and the pop-up location at the Horecava 2016 so continuing on this 2nd MaMa Kelly was really nice. It’s a 4 level restaurant with open kitchen and has a secret bar.

CRHS was responsible for the total project management. 

By the start of the project we received just four walls and an empty  spaces. Total engineering of HVAC, Fire, life & Safety, kitchen exhaust, kitchen, bars and storage is done.

Project Details


MaMa Kelly Amsterdam



De Horeca Fabriek





Olympisch Stadion Amstedam



Opening November 2017