WKO-installation from the Hermitage with De Hortus


C&R Hospitality Services is involved for the project management of the execution phase of the connection of the WKO-installation (Cold Warm storage) of the Hermitage with the Hortus. CRHS is already involved at De Hortus for the past 5 years, mainly in constrution management & Long Term Maintenance plans.
During the preparation phase of the WKO-connection CRHS made the budget calculations. The preparation of the execution phase is started and the real works will start beginning 2016. The final connection between the Hermitage and the Hortus must be made during 2016. A challenging project, because the 2 pipe connection must pass 425m1 between both properties. The project is started in a ‘construction team’ with different contractors in each profession.

For more information on this Green project please use the link www.tussenkunstenkas.nl

The Properties

The Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam is one of the oldest Botanic gardens in the world. The gardens are located in the center of Amsterdam and 12 monuments are located on its premises. The gardens are full of beautiful plants and trees, a very special and wide collection.
The Hermitage is developed in a strong museum the past 6 years after the renovation.Together with other locations of the Hermitage (St.-Petersburg) it is maybe the biggest museum in the world with more then 3 million art objects. Also the Hermitage is a monumental building from 1681.