Wush Zuidas

Wurst & Schnitzelhaus, also known as WuSH, is an Amsterdam based German ‘Schnitzel und Bierhaus’ restaurant. This privately owned company decided to close their location on the famous Prinsengracht and to expand it with a brand-new location at the Zuid-as in Amsterdam. CRHS was asked to perform the total project management of constructing this new restaurant until the final delivery.

CRHS was involved from the very beginning, managing the permit process, the many VVE’s and the ownerships process. After receiving a completely worn-out restaurant unit, many things had to be done. We held guidance and supervision over all matters, from; Total engineering, installations of HVAC, meeting necessary requirements on Fire, Life & Safety, placing the new kitchen and kitchen exhaust, the bars and the storage room. Challenging in this project was the communication with the owners of the many apartments above the restaurant. What more, the electricity capacity didn’t reach out, especially for the big friers. In close cooperation with Greener we solved this matter, using an enormous battery pack for eight weeks. But after all the hard work paid off, the result was worthwhile. A stunning German-style restaurant with a welcoming vibe.