Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne


Total renovation of the Hotel, a 33.000m2 and over €30 mln project, motivated by the transformation from Sofitel to Pullman as well as through very bad condition of key elements of the Hotel. Stimulate the owner and operator to go hand in hand through the process from initial phase to realization and finally hand-over phase. Managing and motivating this complicated project on many different levels, from strategic to tactic to operational and be a motivator on every level, all process management skills were extremely necessary. 

The Project

The hotel hasn’t been closed during the entire construction period. The first phase consisted 76 rooms, 6 junior suites and 4 suites. The second phase 112 rooms in a separate part of the building. During the room renovations, the owner had to replace the whole facade, window frames, roof and main installations while the operator renewed the complete interior.  Special for the room design is the semi-transparent bathroom as well as the lighting gadget above all bedheads. The third phase consisted the 17 meeting rooms, restaurant, open kitchen, back of house and the biggest meeting room known as “wintertuin”.

Project Details

Accor Hotels and Owner 


Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne 

Total renovation 33.000 m2 and 30 mln EUR, together with the owner of façade, roofs, 200 rooms, 4 suites, 28 apartments, 17 meeting rooms, restaurant, kitchen, connectivity lounge and back of house 

Klein Associates b.v.

Van de Boogaard 

Eindhoven, The Netherlands 

September 2009 –  Maart 2012

Nomination and Awards
Venuez Award: Best Design Chain Hotel 2012